Make Your Game Day Magic with these Super Bowl Party Essentials

super bowl party essentials

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, football fanatics across America are planning how they want to celebrate the big night.

Whether your team made it to the playoffs or had a less than impressive record, it’s still a wonderful excuse to gather with friends, eat delicious snacks, and either celebrate or drown your sorrows with plenty of booze. If you’re thinking about hosting the game at your place, make sure to stock up on these Super Bowl party essentials to prep yourself for a Game Day Party that will go down in (local) history.

From the best TV to the best deep fryer, we’ve got all the game day game-changers:

Hamilton Beach 8-Quarts Slow-Cooker $35

Hamilton Beach 8-Quarts Slow-Cooker

You’ve got to have some place to store all that chili or those impossibly good mini-sausages right? Hamilton Beach’s massive 8-quart slow cooker will keep all your game-day goodies warm and at the ready throughout your party. These slow cookers are also great for weeknight meals or weekend potlucks, so you know you’re going to get full-use out of this and not just bring it out once a year for the game.

Repurpose 100% Compostable Tree-Free Plates (480 Count) $49

Repurpose 100% Compostable Tree-Free Plates

Everyone hates doing dishes. Everyone hates doing dishes after a big party even more. Forego all that awful clean-up and instead opt for these 100% compostable Repurpose plates made from plants. Tree-free and microwave and freezer safe, this 480 count pack of plates not only holds up to a few pounds of food from your buffet without bending, but also doesn’t put a strain on the environment by sitting in a landfill for 1,000 years–which gives these plates MVP status in the disposable dishes world. Repurpose also has a line of similar cups and utensils.

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uKeg 64 Growler Mini Keg $140

uKeg 64 Growler Mini Keg
We absolutely support ordering an actual keg for your Super Bowl Party. But, if you’re having a smaller gathering that isn’t going to down 15 gallons of beer, you might want to go with the uKeg growler mini-keg from Growler Works. Simply pick up your favorite local craft brew in growler form, poor in, pressurize, and you’re ready to go. Vacuum-insulated and made from stainless steel with brass accents, the mini-keg will not only keep your beer cold all day long, but will look damned fine while doing it.

Dimple Design Beer Stein (4 Count) $18

Dimple Design Beer Stein

These mugs may not be the Holy Grail, but after drinking from one of these chilled bad boys you would be forgiven for mistaking it for Jesus’ cup. With a hefty handle and thick glass bottom and sides, these dimpled beer steins stay-cold once chilled and can stand-up to some pretty hard knocks. Cheers!

Inflatable Serving Bar and Cooler $9

Inflatable Serving Bar and Cooler

Don’t let the veggie platter or non-alcoholic beverages get warm and go bad ever again with this inflatable serving bar and cooler. Inexpensive and ingenious, this bar cooler can be quickly inflated and fits most standard long folding tables. Just dump some ice in, follow up with the goods, and relax. The bar has an easy access drain, which will help make clean-up a snap. The best part about it? It can double as a floating bar for those summertime pool parties. Ice not included.

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LG 55-inch 4k Smart OLED TV $2000

LG 55-inch 4k Smart OLED TV

The big game deserves a big TV and nothing could be better for it than LG’s 55-inch 4k ultra HD OLED display. With a crisp, clear image, amazing audio, and a sleek design, the Super Bowl might well serve as just a very good excuse for buying this amazing machine. You can get the full scoop here. For other fine (and massive) television options, check out our ‘Brother Site’ Digital Trends’ review of the best TVs for Super Bowl LI.

Hamilton Beach Electric Deep Fryer $47

Hamilton Beach Electric Deep Fryer

What’s better than a deep fryer? A deep fryer with TWO baskets. Wings, onion rings, fries, pickles, candy bars–you name it, this beast can fry it. And with dual basket action, you can cook two birds with one stone. Now that’s what we call going for the two-point conversion.

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Poo-Pourri Master Crapsman Gift Set $22

Poo-Pourri Master Crapsman Gift Set

With twenty of your closest friends sharing the same toilet after eating deep-fried foods and drinking copious amounts of booze, your bathroom might end up smelling more like a cesspit than a room in your house. Nip that problem in the “butt” with the Poo-Pourri Master Crapsman gift set. It comes with two “before-you-go” toilet sprays that are guaranteed to mask even the most offensive of odors. Do yourself and your guests a favor and place this someplace extremely conspicuous so no one has to feel the shame of emerging from a cloud of bathroom stink.