The 2016 DIY Gift Guide

2016 DIY Gift Guide

Do-it-yourselfers aren’t easy to shop for, but these handy gadgets will be perfect additions to their arsenal of tools.

It’s so hard to find the right gift sometimes, especially as a man grows with age. Let’s face it, what more does a man truly need than years of acquired wisdom, his family and a brimming glass of Glenfiddich single malt whiskey? Well, there are a heaps of gadgets that’ll make any man’s life easier around the house or in the workplace.

No bows, no ribbons, no fluff — just pure gadgets and gear. For many, a new tool becomes a new favorite toy and they’ll find any excuse to put it to good use. From an LED light beanie to a fully-loaded screw driving and drill bit set, this DIY gift guide will surely lead you to a practical gift for a coworker, close friend, or family member.

Sprintex 5 LED Hands Free Lighted Beanie Hat ($10)


Not only is this Sprintex beanie going to keep your head warm, it also boasts a hands-free LED light that’ll aid in everything from walking the dog at night to wood work in the morning, and even setting up a campsite after daylight fades. The light requires two lithium batteries, so you won’t have to worry about the functionality of your LED light burning out on you.

DEWALT Screwdriving and Drill Bit Set (140-Piece) ($25)


One of the most satisfying gifts for any handyman is a full set of new tools. Too often does important equipment succumb under pressure and is lost or broken. This 140-piece screwdriving and drill bit set will assure that no screw is too big or too small, and it’s magnetic drive guide helps prevent slipping. Better yet, it’s a mere 25 bucks.

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Sola Torpedo Flooring Level ($19) 


Whether you’re putting in new floors or the frame to a house, you’ll always need a fully functional level. Any error can be extremely detrimental. That’s why this plastic cased flooring level from Sola is a safe bet. The two easy to read vials is shockproof and won’t crack or break on the job; if they do, Sola offers a lifetime guarantee against fading and leakage.

MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband ($13)


This is one of those tools you never thought of needing, but it is damn dependable when it comes to efficient do-it-yourself projects. The magnetic wristband will hold anything from screws, to scissors, and even small tools.

Bogo Work Gloves  ($11)


Designed for durability, Bogo’s double leather work gloves are made with heat resistant material and dual-layered palm protection to combat even the most strenuous of conditions. As an added bonus, these gloves are backed by a full, one-year warranty against all manufacturer defects.

Gearwrench Gimbal Ratchet ($17)


Every handyman has run into a bolt or screws that seemed impossible to reach. Now, those tough angles can be solved quickly with the Gearwrench gimbal ratchet. With a dome-shaped base, the gimbal ratchet allows your tool to pivot in two directions with a five degree swing arc.

Performance Tool 26-Piece Screwdriver Set with Rack ($31)


This 26-piece screwdriver set is a perfect addition to a clan of household tools. With a plethora of screwdrivers featuring non-slip handles and magnetic tips, you can change the batteries in your smoke alarm or take apart a broken speaker without blinking an eye. They offer six- and 39-piece sets, too.

Irwin Portable Mini Vise ($20)


The Irwin portable vise attaches to any workbench and can be moved easily due to it’s small size and light weight. Although it’s small, with a jaw measuring about three inches, this vise is a strong companion for holding spade bits for sharpening, steel conduit or chain for cutting.

Stanley Job Site Power Strip ($25)


Stanley’s power strip is one of the best on the job site, as it’s built into a clamp that will clasp on to any stud, ladder, or anything applicable. If there’s a short cord you need to compensate for, this three outlet strip works well to fit awkward spaces or keeping an extension cord off the ground.

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Dremel 4000 Rotary Kit ($68)


Any self-proclaimed DIY professional needs to have a high performance rotary tool kit in their arsenal. This one from Dremel features a powerful motor with adjustable speeds to improve precision and control on everything from sanding, cutting, and carving.

Zircon Stud Finder ($25)


When hanging pictures or a new TV, nothing comes in handy more than a great stud finder. Zircon’s stud finder provides a bright LCD screen and a “Target Spotlight” feature that shows you when you’ve reached a stud. So, help stop your roommate’s prolonged knocking and possibility of error with this gift that’ll surely save your deposit.

DeWalt Job Site Bluetooth Speaker ($58)


The best complement to a DIY project is having your favorite tunes on hand. DeWalt’s bluetooth speaker is durable enough for the job site, making those long works days go by faster and projects even more enjoyable. The system provides up to 100 feet of range, so you can place it far away from any sense of danger.