5 of the greatest Japanese supercars ever built

The 1990s and 2000s played host to some of the most incredible supercars ever to come out of Japan. Here's our list of the top 5 from Acura, Toyota, Nissan, Lexus, and Mazda.

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Fashion & Style

Huckberry Covers Your Fourth of July Essentials

Everyone’s favorite patriotic holiday is nearly here, and with that comes the chance to step out in style. Luckily,...
Huckberry covers...

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How To Choose A Fire Pit

A lovely fire pit really anchors the whole patio.

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Living, Travel, Trekking

Trekking: The Timberleaf Trailer is a Subie owner’s dream

The aptly-titled Timberleaf Trailer is 1,2000-pound, mobile dwelling that...
doesn't require a Ford F-350 to move. The skylight is just an added plus.

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Fashion & Style, Worn Out Wednesday

How a crash helped pro cyclist Taylor Phinney get to the Olympics

He began racing bikes at 15, racking up 20 victories in his first season

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Throttle Jockey: Motorcycling to the power of three

Think riding a trike is for 5-year-olds? Think again: three-wheelers are...
packing tech, power, style and improved safety into hard-charging road...

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Travel, Trekking

Oregon’s Crater Lake National Park is nature’s beauty at its finest

Oregon's Crater Lake National Park remains one of the United State's most...
beautiful parks while boasting North America's second deepest lake.

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4 Adventurous Places to Escape to on Your July 4th Vacation

If you’re looking to celebrate America's independence this year by leaving...
the country, here are four destinations where July is the perfect time to...

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Fashion & Style, The Manual Wind

The Manual Wind: The Faberge Double Timezone Vision for your Wrist

Fabergé enters the world of watches with their Visionnaire Double Timezone

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Fashion & Style

M.Gemi Crafting Essential Men’s Dress Shoes

If there’s one thing you need for your next occasion, it’s a pair...
of essential men’s dress shoes. Something accessible, luxurious and...

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Aston Martin DB11 Hot Weather Testing

The Manual joins Aston Martin’s chief engineer in Arizona to put a DB11...
prototype through a series of hot weather tests and to learn the extent of the...
brand’s pre-production process.

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Fashion & Style

Bag a fashionable, quality bargain by just born brand Oliver Cabell

Debuting today, this fresh new accessories brand exposes the silliness of...
paying for a famous luxury name.

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Food & Drink

Get Caffeinated: The Manual’s guide to the perfect cup of coffee

Drip, French press, espresso, Americano, latte, cold brew, or cappuccino? From...
the lightest breakfast blend to the darkest Italian roast, we want you to break...
the chains of corporate coffee and start brewing your own, much more delicious...
cups of brew.

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